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Perunding Endah Alam Sdn Bhd

Exclusive distributor for Tarkett vinyl and linoleum flooring since establishment. Tarkett is an international leader for resilient flooring, produces and sells around 1 million m2 of flooring everyday.
Tarkett successfully introduced the new concept of vinyl flooring, i.e. low maintenance flooring, no wax and no polish for life at its first installation at HUKM, 1995. Tarkett PUR is now entering 3rd generation. With this, the products do not require any waxing and polishing forever. Recently, Tarkett further improve the products to a higher level, i.e. flooring with iQ. The floor comes with surface restoration properties which again guarantee that any scratches found on the floor can be restore by simply dry buffing.
Tarkett continually look for new ways to increase the content of recycled materials in their flooring solutions. Tarkett diverted 68000 tons of flooring from landfill to recycling. Tarkett slip-resistant and static control product raise levels of building safety, while the low VOC emissions of our products contribute to better indoor air quality. Tarkett also designs products for the lowest possible use of water, detergents and energy for cleaning, so reducing their environmental footprint.
Alongside with Tarkett development, PEASB also provides high quality workmanship with well-trained installers; right tools and quality self-leveling compound to form the base. This is to meet the continuous demand for the very best and yet value-for-money worthiness.
PEASB is sensitive to the demands of every customer’s needs for quality material, workmanship and also flooring design. PEASB has a team of designer who develops designs of innumerable choices, reflecting their unique characters and individuality to meet every customer’s need.
Strengthened by a passionate team of marketing personnel and well trained installers, we have built an impressive track record by carving a niche in the healthcare sector. This is augmented by the successful completion and delivery of numerous projects such as IJN, UITM Selayang, Tawakal, KK2 Botanik etc.

ADDRESS : 28 Jalan Melati, Taman Sri Melati, 68100 Selayang
TEL : 603-61367861
FAX : 603-61367860