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Knauf Sdn. Bhd.


From Family Business to Corporate Family
Founded in 1932, Knauf is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction materials for interior design, building insulation, and
design ceilings. Knauf plants across the globe produce state-of-the-art drywall systems, plasters, and insulating materials as well as external
thermal insulation composite systems. Moreover, flowing screeds and flooring systems, as well as machines and tools for the application
of these products round off our portfolio. The Knauf Group invests substantially each year in the development and modernisation of raw
materials processing plants, and the training and further education of its employees.

Serving Customers Worldwide
The Knauf Group continues to operate as a family business and is present in more than 90 countries with over 80 raw materials processing
plants and over 300 plants on five continents. Knauf systems simplify planning and construction on a global scale, offering comprehensive
solutions and quality assurance. In many countries, the name Knauf is synonymous with gypsum. The Group is managed by the general
partners Alexander Knauf, Jörg Kampmeyer, and Dr Uwe Knotzer. In 2021, Knauf employed about 40,000 employees worldwide and
generated sales of 12.6 billion Euros.

Designing the Rooms of Tomorrow
Innovation and the integration of technological innovations are the cornerstones of our business strategy. With high quality products, Knauf
continuously sets new standards to make the construction and modernisation of buildings better, more efficient, and more sustainable.
Coordinated systems impress with their high levels of fire resistance and sound insulation, as well as the highest energy efficiency and a
diverse range of design choices.

High-Quality Solutions for All Aspects of Construction
Modern construction must meet complex requirements. Key energy performance management must
synergise with ventilation and illumination as well as design. The increasing implementation of technology
calls for integral planning processes and new forms of space creation. Accordingly, Knauf offers premium
solutions in drywall construction. As a reliable partner, the Knauf Group supports customers with wellfounded
know-how and exceptional service – from local housing construction to superlative architecture


At Knauf, we are experts in dry construction systems and solutions for wall and ceiling applications, with a comprehensive portfolio encompassing five product categories. Knauf’s scope ranges from innovative and customer-centric solutions to premium quality products and technical support.

Our products offer various features and benefits – sound and thermal insulation as well as moisture, fire and impact resistance, for example – that are suitable for fast-track renovation, installation, and refurbishment. Our plasterboards, ceilings, compounds, metal framing, and substrates are designed to meet applicable safety and performance standards and are constructed with customer safety in mind.

Perfect for drywall and ceiling systems and solutions, our plasterboards are the result of many years of scientific experimentation and innovation. Cleaner, faster and easily handled by fewer workers, our plasterboards have high performance levels of sound, moisture, impact and fire resistance, ideally suited to hospitals, theatres, schools and other commercial and residential buildings.

Our portfolio includes acoustic panels, specialty ceilings, gypsum ceiling tiles, and metal ceilings, as well as both standard and seismically rated suspension systems.

Used for jointing, bonding, skimming and patching for building interiors, we have a broad range of compounds with solutions formulated for different applications and performance.

Our range of metal components and profiles allows the construction of drywall and ceilings to be done faster, more accurately and cleaner than conventional methods. Also, this innovative framing can be engineered to suit a jobsite’s requirements while achieving global construction standards.

The Knauf Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing is designed with a high strength, water- and mould-resistant gypsum core that is non-combustible and fire-resistant. Whereas, the USG Durock® Cement Boards form an exterior drywall system that is lightweight and versatile with water and mould resistance performance, allowing for faster construction speed as well.

With our experience and knowledge combined, Knauf’s products and solutions are suitable for internal and external drywall and ceilings of commercial and residential spaces. For questions regarding your building product needs, please contact a Knauf representative today or find out more information at

ADDRESS : Lot 606, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, 47500 Subang Jaya
TEL : 603-56292000
FAX : 603-56292008