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Advanced Parking System

Automated car parking systems use a similar type of technology that used for mechanical parcel handling and document retrieval. The driver leaves the car inside an entrance area and enjoys the convenience of letting the technology park the vehicle. The car is parked at a designated area and the mechanical car lifter will then raise the vehicle to another level for proper storing. When the vehicle is needed the process is reversed and the car lifts transport the vehicle back to the same area where the driver left it. In some cases, a turntable may be used to position the car so that the driver can conveniently drive away without the need to back up.
Automated car park systems save time, money, space and simplify the often tedious task of parking. As urban centers’ population continues to grow, residential and business complex owners continue to look for new ways to handle large numbers of vehicles that need to be parked. It seems highly likely that automated and semi automated car parking systems and parking garages will become an integral part of many existing and future business and residential buildings. In the long term, automated car parking systems are likely to be more cost effective when compared to traditional parking garages. Automatic multi-story car park systems are less expensive per parking lot, as they require lesser building volume and ground area compared to conventional facility with the same capacity.
Our systems engineering and designs are mainly based on customers’ requirements and will also focused on task like:
• Pre-project planning (giving the best selection of car park systems
to suite your project)
• Provide details car parking system design
• Project implementation and management
• Installation work
• Service and maintenance

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