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Kaldewei South East Asia Pte Ltd

Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm – the material is a lot more than the core of our brand and has been opening up the road to success for our products for decades. It is the axis on which our complete work is hinged. With technical finesse and visionary design intent, we form whole worlds of perfectly shaped products for the sophisticated bathing culture from strong steel and a special composition of selected minerals.
KALDEWEI - The Company
Kaldewei has had a history as a “change catalyst” in the European bathing culture. It started as a privately held family owned business of Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. 95 years ago in 1918 with just five employees producing home and kitchenware made of steel for the enamel industry. It was not until 1932 that Kaldewei produced its own enameled products and in 1934, the company introduced the first free-standing steel bathtubs welded together from several parts.
In 1957, Kaldewei pioneered in a production process using hydraulic drawing press that would revolutionize the industry and create a new standard in manufacturing. This process allowed for the production of tubs and shower trays from a single sheet of steel creating a seamless bath and/or shower tray with no joint welding required. It is this manufacturing process and the use of the one-of-a-kind 3.5 mm steel enamel that has brought accolade to the Kaldewei brand in Europe. It also sealed the end for the previously dominant cast tubs from the German market.
“Kaldewei replaced the old cast iron bath tubs in European households with its steel enamel tubs, and became Europe’s number one brand in bath tubs. Ours is the only company to give a 30 year warranty on our tubs” say Lei Wang. He adds that the company makes its tubs from metal that is crafted using a proprietary formula which only Kaldewei has access to. “We use 3.5 mm steel enamel, which is thicker than the grade of steel used in cars.”

ADDRESS : 237 Alexandra Road , #07-11 The Alexcier , 15992 Singapore
TEL : 606-65689924
FAX : 606-65631636