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Malaysian Sheet Glass Sdn Bhd (MSG)

Corporate information:
Since 2004, MSG became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd when the latter acquired the 51% equity from the local shareholders. In June 2006, Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd acquired a 100% stake in Pilkington plc for US$5.2 billion. As a result of this acquisition, the NSG Group is now the world’s leading manufacturer of products ranging from Energy Savings Glass for Architectural use to Specialty Glass for Information Technology and Fiber Glass use.
Manufacturer of:
Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear and High Performance Tinted Float Glass
Pilkington Texture™ Glass (a patterned glass suitable for areas requiring privacy)
Pilkington Reflite™ (pyrolytic on-line reflective glass)
Distributor of:
- Pilkington Solar-E™ Low-E Glass (a high perforrnance low emissivity glass which keeps the heat out)
- Pilkington Energy Advantage™ Low-E (a pyrolytic coated glass of neutral color. Excellent performance when laminated with a solar control glass)
- Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ (an excellent solar control high performance Low-E glass)
- Pilkington Suncool™ Pro T (a range of toughenable off-line coated, energy management product that provides superior solar control and high thermal insulationwhen used as a component is Insulated Glass Units)
- Pilkington Optiwhite™ (a low iron glass that is practically colourless)
- Pilkington OptiView™ (a pyrolytic coated anti-reflective Glass)
- Pilkington Activ™ (a self-cleaning glass)
- Pilkington Profilit™ ( an alkaline cast glass in U-shape assembled in a self supporting system which provides an alternative to glass blocks)
- NSG TEC™ (a range of low emissivity glasses with a pyrolytic on-line conductive coating of special qualities and suitable for a wide range of applications such as heated glass, appliances, thin film photovoltaics etc)

ADDRESS : 21 Km, 47000 Sungei Buloh
TEL : 603-61565011
FAX : 603-61564709